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Slavia, Journal for Slavic Philology

ISSN 0037-6736

published by the Institute of Slavonic Studies of the CAS
4 times a year

International Editorial Board
Magdalena Danielewiczowa (Warszawa), Leszek Engelking (Łódź), Stanisław Gajda (Opole), Hana Gladkova (Prague), Tomáš Glanc (Zürich), Dobromir Grigorov (Sofia), Helmut Keipert (Bonn), Renate Lachmann (Konstanz), L’ubor Matejko (Bratislava), Alexandr M. Moldovan (Moscow), Boris Norman (Minsk), Johannes M. Reinhart (Vienna), Dubravka Sesar (Zagreb), Marijan Šabić (Slavonski Brod)

Internal Editorial Board
Václav Čermák, Marcel Černý, Martina Chromá, Miroslav Olšovský,
Karolína Skwarska, Eva Šlaufová

Slavia, Journal for Slavic Philology
is the oldest international journal specialized in Slavic philology published in the Czech Republic. It was founded in 1921, and has been published nonstop except during World War II. In terms of its topics, the journal focuses on comparative study of Slavic languages and literatures from the synchronic and diachronic perspectives and on the history of Slavonic studies. It also provides room for excursions into non-Slavic languages and literatures (e.g. Balkan studies, Baltic studies, German studies, etc.) and, to some extent, also for cultural/historical, ethnological, and folkloric subjects. The individual studies are supplemented with abstracts and keywords in English, the texts themselves are published in all Slavic languages, English, German, and occasionally French and Italian. All articles undergo an anonymous peer review and editing procedure before publishing. They are sorted into several sections, one of them provides space for reviews of Czech and foreign scholarly books.

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In compliance with a new regulation of personal data protection (GDPR) that has just come in force we would like to notify authors that by submitting their manuscripts to the editorial board of the journal Slavia they express their consent to publishing their personal data (name, institution or home address, e-mail) in the journal in case their texts are printed.

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Journal for Slavic Philology

ISSN 0037-6736

published by the Institute of Slavonic Studies of the CAS
4 times a year

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