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The annual journal Byzantinoslavica publishes studies, critical editions, field reports, conference reports and book reviews related to the history and culture of the Byzantine civilization and Byzantine-Slavonic relations. The editorial board also accepts articles dealing with aspects of art history and relevant disciplines in later periods (from 16th century onwards), which focus on Byzantine cultural influences and parallels with the Byzantine environment. All articles and critical editions must pass the editorial and double blind peer review process. The publication languages of Byzantinoslavica include English, French, German and Russian.

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Editorial Board

Editor-in-chief: Petra Melichar,

Executive Editor: Martina Čechová,

Internal editorial board: Petr Balcárek, Kateřina Bočková Loudová, Julie Jančárková, Markéta Kulhánková, Štefan Pilát

International editorial board: Stefan Albrecht (Mainz), Michail V. Bibikov (Moscow), Leslie Brubaker (Birmingham), Axinia Džurova (Sofia), Simon Franklin (Cambridge), Wolfram Hörander (Vienna), Michel Kaplan (Paris), Taxiarchis Kolias (Athens), Ljubomir Maksimovič (Belgrade), Paolo Odorico (Paris), Jonathan Shepard (Cambridge)

Byzantinoslavica: A Short History and Contemporary Focus

In 1928, Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, the first President of Czechoslovakia, made provisions for an institute, which would study Byzantine-Slavonic relations. Jaroslav Bidlo then initiated the formation of a circle of specialists in this area of studies, which included František (Francis) Dvorník, Karel Kadlec (later replaced by Theodor Saturník), Aleksandr Kalitinskij, Matija Murko, Nikolaj Okuněv and Miloš Weingart.
In May 1929, this group formed the Commission of Byzantine Studies attached to the Institute of Slavonic Studies in Prague. Its members simultaneously became editors of a new journal called Byzantinoslavica, the first volume of which appeared in the same year.

Originally, Byzantinoslavica mainly published articles on Byzantine-Slavonic relations approached from various perspectives including political and ecclesiastical history, philology, literature, law, art history and ethnology. Beside articles it also published reviews, critical editions as well as reports on field research and conferences. The editorial board also wished the journal to inspire cooperation between Czechoslovak and international scholars worldwide. The journal was then published until World War II (1939—1946). In 1946, volume VIII/1939—1946 presented studies gathered in course of the war.

Since 1947 the journal has been publishing articles on the whole range of subjects and disciplines relevant to Byzantine Studies. This broader scope was reflected by an enhanced title: Byzantinoslavica – Revue internationale des études byzantines. The publication of Byzantinoslavica then continued until 1999, when its then editor-in- chief, Dr. Vladimír Vavřínek, retired from his office and the journal was suspended for three years. Dr. Lubomíra Havlíková restarted its publication in 2003 and became its new editor-in-chief.

In 1932 –1995, bibliography held a prominent position in the journal. While in the pre-war period it mainly focused on works related to Byzantine–Slavonic relations, after World War II it came to include the whole area of Byzantine Studies reflecting the change in the scope of the journal.


od LXXIII/2015 Petra Melichar

LXVIX/2011 – LXXII/2014 Lubomíra Havlíková

LXI/2003 – LXVIII/2010 Lubomíra Havlíková, Pavel Milko

LI/1990 – LX/1999 Vladimír Vavřínek

XLIX/1988 – L/1989 František Hejl

XXXVI/1975 – XLVIII/1987 Bohumila Zástěrová

XXX/1969, 2 – XXXV/1974 Bohuslav Havránek

XX/1959 – XXIX/1968 Antonín Dostál

XV/1954 – XIX/1958 Bohuslav Havránek

X/1949 – XIV/1953 Bohuslav Havránek, Milada Paulová

VIII/1939-46 – IX/1948 Bohuslav Havránek, Nikolaj Okuněv, Milada Paulová

I/1929 – VII/1937–38 Miloš Weingart


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